IBM WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment Essentials Course

IBM WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment Essentials Course

There are 20 modules in the “WebSphere Application Server Essentials” course which can be purchased for $59.95 (normally $99.95).

  • Includes All 20 modules.
  • Includes exercise labs, code and samples.
  • Includes Interview questions and answers.
  • Includes tips on how to pass the WebSphere Exam.
  • Perpetual access to course updates.

Material is worth over $2,500

WebSphere Application Server 8 Administration Course
WebSphere Application Server 8 Administration Essentials Course
Price: $129.95
Price: $99.95

The Gold package download includes the following modules.

  • WebSphere Application Server Overview
  • WAS Installation
  • Cells& Profiles
  • JEE Overview & Packaging
  • Application Deployment
  • Configuration & Logs
  • IHS & Plugin Installation
  • Administrative Security
  • Administration Tools & Support Tools
  • Administrative Agent and Job Manager
  • Administrative Scripting
  • Clustering & High Availability
  • Workload Management & Session Affinity
  • JMS and MQ Messaging
  • Maintenance & Backups
  • SSL Part 1
  • SSL Part 2
  • Monitoring & Tuning Part 1
  • Monitoring & Tuning Part 2

All modules have been based on the real-world experience of Steve Robinson, a published author and international consultant.

Living Course

The course content is updated weekly. The reason we update frequently is due to feedback, review, upgraded explanations for clarity and details. New updated examples and supporting resources are continually added to ensure the course content has all the information to allow you to be a knowledgeable WebSphere Application Server professional.


“Steve Robinson’s books are the best ‘quick start’ guides to WAS I’ve come across useful for people coming over from other application servers or for the seasoned professional to quickly flick through in order to remind themselves of ‘that awkward command that’s on the tip of my tongue’. With this course Steve is covering a far broader array of subjects and in more depth that is ideal for people of all skill levels”

Ben Higginbottom, Manchester, England (April 2012)

“Having used Steve Robinson’s books for a few years as invaluable reference they were always of a very high standard. This course has the same level of quality and content applied and is perfect for both new to WebSphere and seasoned professionals looking to brush up those small areas of knowledge that seem to escape them. Highly Recommended!”

 Ian Entwistle, Lancashire, England.

Here are Steve’s current books…

IBM WebSphere Application Server 8.0 Administration Guide WebSphere Application Server 7.0 Administration Guide

IBM WebSphere Application Server 8.0 Administration Guide

WebSphere Application Server 7.0 Administration Guide

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10 Responses to WebSphere 8 Training
  1. Hi Steve,
    I can’t able to see the shopping cart option and check out button in this site.


    • The site is currently disabled while I prepare the latest course and payment systems. The site is earmarked to go Live on 31st July 2012.

      I am currently offering an Early Bird access. If you are interested?, then contact me via my contact form and ensure you supply a valid email address and I will send a paypal request. the cost is $245. For Early bird, I send the course in 2 module blocks and you send me feedback after you have reviewed them, then I send more. This is controlled for protection of the course material as it is a worlds first. All Early Birds will be mentioned on the site as reviewers with a public thank-you.

      All Early Bird evaluators, receive perpetual access to the material as it is updated.

      • The site is now live and the final price for the entire WebSphere Application Server Essentials course is $145, if you purchase the gold package.

        You can purchase individual modules for $49. Individual module are part of the Silver Package. The best value of course, is the Gold Package! The gold package gives you access to 880+ pages of WAS 8 information.

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  3. Hey Steve,

    I am thinking about taking this course you are offering. Once completed will this enable me to take the certification course?

    Thanks, anon

    • In truth the course material is only part of the way there, you still need to specific study for exams, not even IBM courses can do this.

      My course covers real world knowledge; things that you will have to do in an enterprise as a WAS Administrator. The course is living, it is updated all the time often on a weekly basis. I have seasoned WAS professionals wanting access to the course just to get insights into the SSL topics alone.

      In the next few weeks, I will adding a Interview Q & A PDF, and Certification Readiness PDF, which will be available after you have purchased the Gold Package.

      In the “Certification Readiness” PDF I will tell you how to prepare for the exam, along with some secrets and exams techniques to help you prepare quickly, with minimal effort….It is very easy if you really want it!….

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  6. Hello Steve,
    Is there a way we can purchase the gold package using a Purchase Order.



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