I was asked by one of my purchasers of the WebSphere 8 Essential Course to provide a script library. Well, I can’t provide a free fully functional script library as it is to be a product of mine in the near future, but I can provide some  sample Jython code to get you started…

Below are five functions to help with creating a SiBus and managing JMS destinations, JMS  Queues and JMS Topic spaces along with creating JSM connection factories. The implementation in this example is very basic, a lot more could be done and this will be addressed in my Jython & Script Library course which is planned for release Q3 2012. But I do feel that this will help many.

  • createSIbus
  • installSIBActivationSpec
  • installSIBDestination
  • installSIBCF
  • installSIBQueue
  • installSIBTopic
  • installSIBActivationSpec

You can use these functions in your Jython scripting for managing JMS


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