This post is dedicated to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the WebSphere Application Server 8 Network Deployment Essentials Course.


I’m looking at purchasing the above course, can you give me an indicative amount of time it would take to get through the content?  It’s just so I can advise my employer, who may support some training time going through the content.




I guess about 40 hours of study if you go through all the examples. The course is designed long term to be about 8-10 days of equivalent IBM courses. I have broken it down into bite sized chunks by creating “Howto” guides that can be used for specific topics. I also added have several theory PPT’s to help with concepts. The course is also updated every week. Some concepts i.e. SSL Part 1 and SSL Part 2 have really advanced and useful concepts that are not easily found elsewhere.

I hope that helps,

Enjoy. Regards Steven Robinson – The Middleware Shop






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