WebSphere Application Server Centralized Installation Manager – Part 2

Create a new target for the Job Manager

Open Job Manager administration console in a browser using the following URL


For example:

The default port used by the Job Manager is 9960.

Provide username and password and login to the admin console

Expand Jobs in the left navigation pane

Click on Targets

Click on New Host button

Enter the host name of the target machine in the Host name field

Select the Operating system, say Linux

Enter the Unix user account that we plan to use for executing the Jobs

This user account must exist on the target machine. Also this user account should have adequate privileges to perform the administrative tasks in the target machine.

It is possible to configure two user accounts. One for performing the login operation and then another user to change to, before performing administrative tasks. The second user account can be configured by selecting the sudo option and then providing the username/password in Sudo username and Sudo password fields.

The Save security information option saves the username and password. If security information is saved, it can be used while submitting a job.

Usually in production servers, one user account is created per product to simplify administration. For example, WAS administrators might create just one user account called websphere.

But one problem is, if this user account is shared with multiple administrators, any administrator can log into the machine and perform administrative tasks. This will not leave any information on who logged into the machine.

So the best practice usually followed here is, every administrator must use his/her personal user account (created with their name) to login to the machine. Then they should execute the sudo command to change to websphere user. Now they can perform the administrative task. The sudo command maintains a log of its usage.

Click OK button

The new target appears in the Targets table as shown below.

Click on the host name to see the target’s properties

Job Manager uses a secure shell (ssh) to login to the machine and perform its tasks. This means that the target machine should have ssh server running in it. Job Manager verifies the information provided while creating a new host. If ssh is not available in the target machine, then you will get the following error message in Job Manager admin console.

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