WebSphere Application Server Centralized Installation Manager – Part 4

Install WebSphere Application Server

It is possible to install WAS in a remote machine from Job Manager admin console. We have already installed IBM Installation Manager (Version 1.4.3 or above) in the target machine (remote from Job Manager Machine perspective).

Setup Local Repository in the target machine

IBM Packaging Utility needs to be used to create a local repository. Please refer to Silent Installation HowTo for information on this.

Record a Response File for WAS Installation

IBM Installation Manager available in the Job Manager machine can be used to record a response file. Please refer to Silent Installation HowTo for information on this.

Install WAS

In this step we are going to install WAS in the remote host using Job Manager.

Expand Jobs in the left navigation pane of the Job Manager admin console

Click Submit link

Select Manage offerings from Job type drop-down

Optionally, provide a description in the Description field

Click Next button

Enter the Target name in the text field present against the “Add” button and click on Add button

Provide username/password that should be used for authentication in the Target machine in the User name and Password field

Confirm password by re-typing password in the Confirm password field

Click Next button

Enter the response file path in Response File field

The response file should be present in the path given here in the Job Manager machine.

Check the “I accept the terms in the license agreements” check box

Click Next button

Click Next button

Review the summary and click Finish button to submit the job

Click Job ID to know the status

The Job has not completed and the status is “In Progress“.

Click the status link to know when the status has changed

Click Back button and refresh the status by clicking on the icon next to Status Summary

When the job is completed the number “1” is moved to green area. The number shows the number of jobs in a given status.

Click on Job ID again

The status has changed to “Succeeded“. Three file names are listed under Output Files column.

Click Succeeded link

We can see that the Job has started at 22:55:37 and completed (succeeded) at 22:59:23. This means the Job has taken 3 minutes and 46 seconds to complete. During the installation the repository that is local to the Target machine is used.

Click Back button

Click stdOut.txt link

We can see the directory in which WAS is installed in the target machine. We provided Job Manager with a response file and this response file is passed on to the Installation manager. The installation manager reads the response file and obtains the directory in which the product needs to be installed.

In fact, the product that needs to be installed itself is communicated through the response file. Note that the Manage offerings Job type that we used is a generic one and can be used to install any product that IBM Installation Manager can handle.

Job Manager is provided with a user-id for performing the installation in the target machine. If this user-id does not have write access to the product installation directory in the target machine, then the Job will fail with an error message as shown below.

The Job status will be “Failed” and additional details are available in a log file located under <profile_root>/config/temp/JobManager/<JobID>/<hostname>/logs

The contents of the log file is shown below

/opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/jobmgr01/config/temp/JobManager/133666457347122224/$ cat stdErr.txt

CRIMA1019E ERROR: Enter an installation directory with granted write permissions.

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