13 May 2012
May 13, 2012

WebSphere Course

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Below is an example of the Landing Page for Members who have purchased access to the WebSphere Application Server 8 Network Deployment Essentials course.

As you can see there are approximately 890 pages in the How to Guides.

A bonus which is available when you purchase the product is the Power Point theory slides. There are currently 18 PPT slides which are an easy read to get an overview of a specific topic. These slides are a great way to get a quick overview of key concepts of IBM WebSphere System Administration and the current WAS features in version 8. There are over 360 slides, covering all the major topics.

You can use these slides as a quick read when on the train to work, or when you have a few moments to spend in the day and you want to learn more about a specific area of WebSphere Application Server (WAS).

Resources are also provided, which contain sample applications and any configuration files used in specific modules.

Below is a snippet from the newest Howto recently uploaded on the 13th May 2012.


Centralized Installation Manager (CIM) is a feature that is accessible from the Job Manager in WAS 8.0 ND. As its name says, Centralized Installation Manager helps in the installation of all IBM Installation Manager installable products from a central location, i.e. from a Job Manager. IBM Installation Manager can also be installed through CIM.

The setup used in this HowTo is shown below

IBM WebSphere Application Server Centralized Installation Manager

The First machine hosts the Job Manager. The Job Manager is configured with a host (target) that represents the machine The Job Manager is also configured with a Installation Manager Installation Kit, the installer that we use to install IBM Installation Manager.

The second machine (target) must have SSH Server for CIM to work. The target machine is also configured with a local repository that contains the packages that we want to install.

You need at least two machines to complete this HowTo. IBM Installation Manager Version 1.4.3 or above is required for this to work.

It is recommended to complete the following HowTo’s before going ahead with this.

  1. Job Manager HowTo (Should complete)
  2. Silent Installation HowTo (Must complete)
  3. Uninstalling WAS HowTo (Could complete)
Must complete – May not be able to complete this HowTo without completing the other module

Should complete – Completing the other module is important, but not mandatory

Could complete – Completing the other module will help understand this HowTo in a better way

Install Installation Manager

Create a Job Manager profile

First let us create a Job Manager profile silently in the machine

Cd to <WAS_ROOT>/bin directory

Execute manageprofiles.sh tool to create a Job Manager profile as shown below

$ ./manageprofiles.sh -create

-profileName jobmgr01

-profilePath /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/jobmgr01

-templatePath /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/profileTemplates/management

-serverType JOB_MANAGER

-hostName localhost

-nodeName jobmgr_node

-enableAdminSecurity true -adminUserName jobmgr01 -adminPassword jobmgr01

For example:

/opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/bin$ sudo ./manageprofiles.sh -create -profileName jobmgr01 -profilePath /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/jobmgr01 -serverType JOB_MANAGER -templatePath /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/profileTemplates/management -hostName localhost -nodeName jobmgr_node -enableAdminSecurity true -adminUserName jobmgr01 -adminPassword jobmgr01

INSTCONFSUCCESS: Success: Profile jobmgr01 now exists. Please consult /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/jobmgr01/logs/AboutThisProfile.txt for more information about this profile.

Cd to <JOB_MANAGER_PROFILE_ROOT>/bin directory

Start Job Manager by issuing the following command

$ ./startServer.sh jobmgr

For example:

/opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/jobmgr01/bin$ sudo ./startServer.sh jobmgr

ADMU0116I: Tool information is being logged in file


ADMU0128I: Starting tool with the jobmgr01 profile

ADMU3100I: Reading configuration for server: jobmgr

ADMU3200I: Server launched. Waiting for initialization status.

ADMU3000I: Server jobmgr open for e-business; process id is 5856

WebSphere Application Server 8 Administration Course
WebSphere Application Server 8 Administration Essentials Course
Price: $129.95
Price: $99.95

IBM WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment Essentials Course

IBM WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment Essentials Course


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