WebSphere Performance Tuning Course

WebSphere Performance Tuning Course

WAS 7 ND Performance Tuning

Course Outline

This course provides students with the tools and techniques to tune the performance of WebSphere Application Server 7.0 ND. The course material follows a “Do-it-yourself” approach and provides all the necessary instructions and sample code to setup your lab, try out tuning tasks and learn. However with an instructor we can tremendously speed up the learning process. The following are the topics covered.

  • Performance tuning process
  • How WAS processes requests
  • Tools that can be used to measure and tune performance of WAS
  • Tuning JVM, Thread pools, Connection pools
  • Tuning session/replication/persistence

By completing this course, the student will be able to judge the impact of changing major WAS parameters on performance, understand how the various WAS components are inter-related and use various thumb rules to quickly bring WAS to optimal performance levels.


Duration for self-learning: 2 weeks


JEE Developers and Administrators having some experience with WAS 7.0 or WAS 8.0 ND.

Course Detail:

  • Performance Tuning Process and Tools
    • Performance Tuning process
    • Model for performance tuning
    • PMI, TPV and the Advisor
    • WAS Threads, the work horses
    • Identifying bottleneck
  • JVM Tuning
    • Server Hang & Thread dumps
    • Memory Leak & Heap dumps
    • Dump Agents
    • JVM Memory architecture and flags
  • Tuning Thread pools
    • Application Execution Model
    • Tuning thread pool
    • Tuning transport channels
  • Tuning Connection pools
    • Connection pool settings
    • Statement caching and its impact on performance
  • Session Tuning
    • Calculating optimal session time-out duration
    • Session Replication tuning
    • Session Persistence tuning
    • Session replication Vs persistence
  • Performance Tuning Checklist
  • Summary/Review
WebSphere Application Server 7 Performance Tuning Course
WebSphere Application Server 7 Performance Tuning Essentials Course
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