When running a Jython script I got this error:


The reason is that the Jython list (array of elements) was passed incorrectly, without the  string quotes. This call requires the array to be delimited with quotes. This is because within this setter, there is a function call made to Admin.Config such as below

AdminTask.createJDBCProvider(self.__providerObjectBeanID, self.getAttributes())

..and so we need to pass the correct input variables with the correct syntax as per the MBean attributes we are modifying as part of creating a JDBC provider for example. This is why I have added this error type as it is something that may help you remember what you have done wrong. Sometimes it is not easy to see the wood for the trees.


s.setConfigureResourceProperties(‘[[databaseName java.lang.String myDatabase] [driverType java.lang.Integer 4] [serverName java.lang.String localhost] [portNumber java.lang.Integer 50000]]’)


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