This example is a great example of how to debug some more complex WebSphere  Jython. I have added this example to help you if you find a similar problem.

Reason 1: Basically the main reason for this is error is I am creating a Datasource using a new WAS 7 function called createDatasource. This function takes two arguments. 1 = MBean Bean ID (Object/Config ID) for an existing JDBC Provider which is the parent of a Datasource. 2 = The appropriate array of attributes defining values such as name, JNDI name etc for the actual Datasource. In my example above, what is happening is that my code is passing on a Cluster Scope Path Id string to a provider at node scope. The solution is to ensure the code sets the correct cope Id Path to be the same for both the Provider Create and the Datasource which will be  attached to it.

[box type=”info”] DSRA3604E=DSRA3604E: Unable to locate a datasource template for provider name: {0} The command was not run because an JDBC provider was specified that is not valid. Specify a JDBC provider that is valid, and try the operation again.[/box]

Reason 2: Another reason can be that you are passing in an incorrectly formatted Bean ID. You have to ensure that you can find an existing JDBC Provider, gets it’s MBean Id and then pass this as an input into the createDatasource function.


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