I was on holiday snowboarding in the French Alps when I received this wonderful email from IBM …

Dear Steve,

Congratulations and Happy New Year – you have been selected as an IBM Champion for WebSphere software! On behalf of IBM it is with great pleasure that we invite you to join the IBM Champion program for 2013. This program recognizes individuals who make outstanding contributions to our IBM communities by evangelizing and advocating our solutions; sharing their knowledge and expertise; and helping nurture and grow independent communities.

After reviewing your nomination and related information from communities with which you are involved, the selection committee agreed that your efforts over the last 12 months distinguish you as a true IBM Champion. We would like to thank you for your thought leadership and the contributions that you make to WebSphere user groups and the larger WebSphere community. You are among an elite group of enthusiasts to be chosen for this recognition. Congratulations!

My comments:

Wicked! Motivates one to spend more time giving back. Watch out during 2013, as I release new courses, new mobile apps and more technical consultancy offerings.

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  1. What is an IBM Champion?

    The IBM Champion program recognizes exceptional contributors to the technical community, who are non-IBMers that work alongside IBM to build solutions for a smarter planet. An IBM Champion is a developer or IT professional who leads and mentors his or her peers and motivates them toward IBM solutions and services. Champions can be found running user groups, managing websites, speaking at conferences, answering questions in online forums, and writing blogs, how-to articles, and technical books. The IBM Champion program recognizes and thanks these innovative thought leaders, amplifying their voice and increasing their sphere of influence in the technical community.


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