Meet this year’s IBM WebSphere Champions

Jan 23, 2013 4:05 PM CST

Congratulations to the newly selected IBM Champions for WebSphere 2013! After sorting through many nominations, IBM selected 50 IBM WebSphere Champions for 2013, nine of whom are top contributors in the Global WebSphere Community. IBM WebSphere Champions are selected for their leadership, innovation and technology expertise. The nine members from the GWC have all provided immeasurable value to the community and their WebSphere peers through blogging, speaking at conferences or events, responding to member questions in the forums, writing articles and promoting GWC content and other’s contributions in the community through social media.

An IBM Champion is not an IBMer, but an outside technical expert who shares their knowledge and expertise on sites like, making it easy for the IT community to engage with them. By becoming an IBM Champion, the winners receive the benefit of greater visibility, recognition, networking opportunities, participation in exclusive communities and more throughout the year.

Once more, congratulations to our GWC members who have been recognized as 2013 IBM Champions for WebSphere.  And thank you for all of your contributions that have helped so many of your GWC peers.

Gabriel Aberasturi
Tecnocom Norte
IT Architect

Rene Croozier
Kaiser IT
Sr. Web Portfolio Lead

Joseph Amrith Raj
Wipro Technologies
WebSphere Consultant

Erik Solinger
American Eagle
Senior Middleware Architect

Karthikeyan Balasubramanian
Scope International SDN – BHD – Malaysia
Middleware Administrator

Ahmed Abdel Monsef
S1 Corporation
Sr. Technical Engineer

Steve Robinson
The Middleware Shop

Charanjeet Singh
S1 Corporation
Sr. Technical Engineer

Larry Fernandez
Amway Cporp
Principal Software Developer

Want to be nominated to be an IBM WebSphere Champion for 2014? It’s not too soon to start adding value to the Global WebSphere Community. There are user groups that need active leaders, articles and blogs to write, and forum questions waiting for your thoughtful replies. Start earning points and establishing yourself as an expert today!


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