There is a WAS environment configured with “Federated repositories”, e.g: LDAP registry and file registry, the “Primary administrative user” created in file registry. Recently there was a LDAP server down, at that time, All admin users could not login to Admin Console, even with “Primary Administrative User” which created in File Registry, this is definitely not the way “Federated repositories” should work, even with LDAP server down, file registry user should have no problem to login Admin Console, right?


Jython script working perfectly to enable file-based user id still working when LDAP server is down:

AdminTask.updateIdMgrRealm ([‘-name’, ‘defaultWIMFileBasedRealm’, ‘- allowOperationIfReposDown’, ‘true’])

One finding is that above updateIdMgrRealm command would NOT only change values within wimconfig.xml, it would change other files as well which I’m not sure what files are, that means just backup wimconfig.xml file is not enough if you want to restore back to original setting later, this is an interesting topic we can do further investigation.


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