Locate and download the ;latest fixpack


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Download the file:

8.0.0-WS-MB-LINUXX64-FP0001.tar.Z, de-compress and untar to a suitable location on your server.

Applying WebSphere Message Broker Fix pack

  • Change to <WMB_FIX_PACK_IMAGE> directory
  • Create a file called response_file_silent_installation with the following content



For example:

[root@localhost disk1]# cat response_file_silent_installation



  • Execute setuplinuxx64 with the as shown below

[root@localhost disk1]# ./setuplinuxx64 -i silent -f ./response_file_silent_installation

  • A return code of zero indicates successful installation of the fix pack

If the command is successful, then it does not print anything and remains silent. If the command fails due to some reason, a return code is printed in the console by the script.