10 Feb 2013
February 10, 2013

Get Message Broker Version

February 10, 2013 Blog, Middleware Training, WebSphere Message Broker 1 Comment

[mqm@localhost bin]$ mqsiservice –help

BIP8124W: Changes and reports a component’s details.
mqsiservice. [-v] [componentName [-r label=value]] [-m messageNumber [-c messageCatalog]] [-t]

Command Options:
‘-v’ is the product version information.
‘componentName’ is the name of the component to query for its registry data.
‘-r label=value’ sets the registry key ‘label’ to ‘value’. Use with caution.
‘-r label=’ sets the registry key ‘label’ to null. Use with caution.
‘-r label’ deletes the registry key ‘label’. Use with caution.
‘-m messageNumber’ is a message number to output.
‘-c messageCatalog’ is the name of the message catalog to use.
‘-t’ Output information about current time and time zone.

BIP8002E: Selected flag ‘–help’ badly formed.
Command flag should be properly specified.
Correct and reissue the command.


[mqm@localhost bin]$ mqsiservice -v
BIPmsgs en_US
Console CCSID=1208, ICU CCSID=1208
Default codepage=UTF-8, in ascii=UTF-8
JAVA console codepage name=UTF-8

BIP8996I: Version: 8001
BIP8997I: Product: WebSphere Message Broker
BIP8998I: CMVC Level: S800-L120808
BIP8999I: Build Type: Production, 64 bit, amd64_linux_2

BIP8071I: Successful command completion.