As part of my new series on WebSphere ESB and IBM Process Server, I will be adding new blog articles and snippets over the coming months. During Q1/Q2 2013 I will also focus on the WID and other related helper products used to build or support SOA applications and services.

To install (WebSphere Integration Developer (WID). Acquire the media from an appropriate source such as IBM Passport Advantage

Expand the media..for example..

Locate the appropriate folder that contains the Launch pad. In my example this was found in the disk1 folder

Click OK

Click Install IBM WebSphere Integration Developer v6.2

Read and Accept License agreement

Choose the installation path

Select bpth Process Server and ESB profiles to allow for testing on both platforms.

I used wasadmin/wasadmin for my user id and password for secure admin consoles

Review and then click Install

Click Finish

We now have installed WID. We also have the ability to use either a WebSphere ESB profile or a WebSphere Process Server profile.

Now we can launch the WebSphere Integrated Developer

Create a default work space location

Click OK

Congratulations, you have now able to use the WID.


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