Let us say you have a situation where you have a Windows 7 VM and you have installed WMB 8 Trial and you now want to clear down and install the latest full version of WebSphere Message Broker.

Part 1: This article shows my uninstall process then a manual install of WebSphere Message Broker using the install launch pad.

Part 2: Will show how to so a silent install, then a silent install.

Uninstalling the Message Broker Trial

We can see above that we have the following installed:

  • IBM Installation Manager
  • IBM WebSphere Message Broker
  • IBM WebSphere Message Broker Toolkit
  • IBM WebSphere Message Broker Explorer
  • IBM WebSphere MQ

First we will uninstall Message Broker

IBM Installation Manager will load..

Click Next

Click Uninstall

Click Finish

Now we are removing Message Broker Explorer

Once again we are using the standard Windows uninstall via the Window control-panel applet.

Click Uninstall

It should take less than a minute or so.

Click Done

Now we uninstall WebSphere MQ

We are all done. Since we are moving to use a full installation of IBM WebSphere Message Broker I have chosen to also remove the current IBM Installation manager as I want a nice clean slate. From experience I often find that trial installs can leave some files, so let’s also clean up once we are done with IIM.

Uninstalling IBM IM

Click Next

Click Uninstall

We are done,

let’s clean up

Remove the WMQ folder. Usually there is some logs and stuff from WMQ usage.

OK Part 1-A is done.

Part 1-B – Will be about Installing WMB 8 Full Version.


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