Using the Windows Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs, I right mouse click an run uninstall of Oracle Java JRE

I get the error:

The programs listed are currently using Java. They must be closed so that Java files can be updated.


What I did was give up as the installer can’t uninstall and I re-installed again the JRE into

C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7

For some reason once C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7 is used you can’t uninstall. What a pain! Come on Oracle what’s going on here?

I guess the only real ay is to remove manually, then remove all registry entries. Maybe best to look for a Windows uninstaller tool as manual registry manipulation is dangerous.



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  1. Had this exact problem on my WinXP SP3 system trying to uninstall 7u21.  Resolved it by fiddling with IE and using JavaRa.  Not sure if the fiddling with IE actually made a difference, but fwiw:

    1) in IE: Options -> Security tab, and for both Internet and Intranet, click Custom

    – Scripting -> Allow status bar updates via script: Disable

    – Scripting -> Scripting of Java applets: Disable

    2) in IE: Options -> Advanced tab -> Java (Oracle)

    – uncheck “Use JRE 1.70_whatever for <applet> (requires restart)

    3) close IE

    4) download and run JavaRa from  Step 1, running the Java uninstaller, still showed the java.exe processes for me.  Ignore this; go on to step 2, Perform Removal Routine, and it was gone.  Add/Remove Programs still showed Java 7u21 as present.

    5) reboot system

    6) reinstall updated Java if you like.  Go back and re-check IE -> Options ->Advanced ->  “Use JRE 1.70_whatever for <applet> (requires restart)” if you like.


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