Do you dream of owing your own online IT business and being successful with it?

Do you aspire to be an award winning IT consultant?

I am offering you a chance to learn the secrets of how I created The Middleware Shop, and also how I built my career in less than 7 years.

I will share with you the awesome success story how using all these skills in this course (and my very first blog) got me invited to consult and be rewarded with a generous share of a multi-national company estimated to turn over $500 Million in 2014.

Along with explaining the tools, techniques and life skills I used to get me here, I will impart the secrets of how I produced and ranked this site (one of many) to sell courses and information.  You will learn how I built my blogs and knowledge base over the years, and how I wrote my first book and had it published without having to chase a publisher!

You will learn how to use $100-200 or less to produce a site that behaves and looks just like mine and be able to sell your IT skills just like me, and get started immediately.

The course and seminar is not ready until Feb 2015, however I am looking to see who is interested now for early places.

If you desire to know the secrets of my success and how to use your IT skills to your advantage to generate 1000’s of USD a month running your very own site with your very own content, branded by you and sold by you. Or to learn how to become an IT professional earning $100,000 + per year. Then this for you.

The cost will be $4999. I have 20 places only.

This is a chance of a lifetime




  • All my course content templates to sell and brand how you please.
  • Full re-distribution rights – Worth $20,000
  • You will learn how I created my site for less than $200 investment
  • You will learn how I write my first book – worth $4995
  • You will learn how I wrote my first course – worth $4995
  • You will how I got attention in the industry as a consultant and became a leading professional in the IT industry
  • I will show you how to make $100,000 in income as a leading IT consultant. This alone is worth 10’s of 1000’s or even 100’s of $1000’s to you over your career.
  • I will also explain to you the tricks, books, influences and mentors I have used in the last 7 years to get me to where I am today.

The best advice, will be how you will learn to serve great and win great.

Send a ticket to my support desk to register interest. Create a Ticket called “Raise My Game” detailing your interest, and any questions.

PPS. Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are right! – Henry Ford.

Your friend,

Middleware Mentor - Steve Robinson

Steve Robinson – Success Mentor

“Success Training at Exceptional Prices”


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