The following error is reported when you run an uninstall using imcl command-line tool (IBM Installation Manager) to uninstall a WAS footprint that was installed using imcl (command line) method for installing WAS using IBM Installation Manager.

[root@localhost tools]# ./imcl uninstall,core.feature -installationDir ectory /var/apps/was8.5.5

ERROR: The following errors were generated while uninstalling.

ERROR: The WebSphere Application Server Full Profile cannot be added to or removed from a existing package group after insta llation.


To add this feature, use Install and include it in a new package group.

To remove this feature, use Uninstall to completely remove the entire package group.

Failed to uninstall from the /var/apps/was8.5.5 directory.

The reason for this error is that there is only one remaining optional feature i.e. the core feature, and so since there is no actual feature we wish to specifically uninstall, we just uninstall the entire package. For example:

[root@localhost tools]# ./imcl uninstall -installationDirectory /var/apps/was8.5.5


Uninstalled from the /var/apps/was8.5.5 directory.


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