Since in this guide we installed WAS ND Liberty Profile using IM, we will use IM to uninstall. Navigate to the IM eclipse/tools directory

cd /opt/IBM/InstallationManager/eclipse/tools

Prepare the imcl command using the following suntax

./imcl uninstall -installationDirectory installation_directory

Run the uninstall action

./imcl uninstall -installationDirectory /var/apps/was8nd.5.5_LP


ERROR: Expected installed package 8.5.5000.20130514_1313, found 8.5.5004.20141121_1911.




[root@localhost tools]# ./imcl uninstall -installationDirectory /var/apps/was8nd.5.5_LP

ERROR: Expected installed package 8.5.5000.20130514_1313, found 8.5.5004.20141121_1911.

[root@localhost tools]# ./imcl uninstall -installationDirectory /var/apps/was8nd.5.5_LP

ERROR: The following errors were generated while uninstalling.

CRIMA1059E ERROR: Cannot uninstall IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty Network Deployment because IBM WebSphere SDK Java Technology Edition Version 7.0 for Liberty requires components from it.

ERROR: In root installation context:

ERROR: Installation context “” was not resolved

Failed to uninstall from the /var/apps/was8nd.5.5_LP directory.



We have applied a fixpack and we have also applied an SDK

To uninstall using IM, we would need to do things in reverse order i.e. remove the fixpack, then the IBM SDK update, then we can remove your Liberty Installation.

Alternatively, don’t use IBM installation manager, however this is a process where you would need to maybe use installation manager to produce a golden copy, then distribute via archive. This is only important when using Liberty Profile, if you are using Liberty Runtime, then your approach would be for extraction/archive as you are dealing only with applications that need a Web Profile and so the installation footprint is circa 50-60 MB.



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