When running an UpdateInstaller process in silent mode for a WAS 7 environment to remove an existing fixpack using the following response file called /var/apps/scripts/was7install/response_uninstall_fp9_was.txt, find that the installer exits with no action and an error in the updatelog.txt file.

# -OPT checkFilePermissions=”true”

-W maintenance.package=/var/apps/installs/WAS7FP/7.0.0-WS-WAS-LinuxX64-FP0000009.pak

-W product.location=”/var/apps/was7/appserver”

#-OPT rootUserHasRunSlibcleanCommandSuccessfully=”true”

-W update.type=”uninstall”


The command issued was:

/var/apps/UpdateInstaller/ -options “/var/apps/scripts/was7install/response_uninstall_fp9_was.txt” -silent

We get the following error reported in the location: /var/apps/was7/appserver/logs/update/7.0.0-WS-WAS-LinuxX64-FP0000009.uninstall in the log filed called updatelog.txt

(04-Mar-2015 21:51:15), Install,, msg1, IBM Update Installer for WebSphere Software

(04-Mar-2015 21:51:16), Install,, msg1, Scanning metadata under the target location ……


(04-Mar-2015 21:51:17), Install,, err, The maintenance package /var/apps/installs/WAS7FP/7.0.0-WS-WAS-LinuxX64-FP0000009.pak does not exist under the directory /var/apps/was7/appserver/properties/version/nif/backup.

(04-Mar-2015 21:51:17), Install,, err, CWUPI0024E: The update operation is not permitted on /var/apps/installs/WAS7FP/7.0.0-WS-WAS-LinuxX64-FP0000009.pak. Either this maintenance package is corrupted or it has dependencies that are preventing this maintenance package from being updated.

<content removed for brevity>

(04-Mar-2015 21:51:18), Install,, msg1, INSTCONFFAILED


The Response file has an error, all you need to do is supply the name of the fixpack, not its full-path


# -OPT checkFilePermissions=”true”

-W maintenance.package=7.0.0-WS-WAS-LinuxX64-FP0000009.pak

-W product.location=”/var/apps/was7/appserver”

#-OPT rootUserHasRunSlibcleanCommandSuccessfully=”true”

-W update.type=”uninstall”



Note: You locations may be different, but this guide should remind you to check the response file for the syntax used, as this is an error that you may not realise, because for an install of a fixpack you mentioned the location/name of the FP, but in an uninstall you just mention the name of the FP.


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