Hi, I am Steve Robinson, an independent IBM WAS (WebSphere Application Server) migration expert.

IBM WebSphere Application Server version 8..x.x.x (WAS 8, WAS 8.5, WAS 8.5.5, WAS 8.5.5.x) versions have been available for a while now, and so organizations are now evaluating whether to migrate their WAS 7 application servers and applications to the newest version. IBM supplies tools to help with migration of a WAS profile from WAS 7 to WAS 8.x, which are simple if used correctly, however application design can thwart the process and be an area of concern.

If you have need of services such as:

  • Migration Automation
  • Migration Approach
  • J2EE, JEE Application Migration

Then please feel free to have a chat. My contact details can be located via my contact page.


Steve Robinson – IBM Champion 2013

PS, have a look at my FREE WebSphere 7 to WebSphere 8 article


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