In this article we learn how to download an install the IBM Packaging Utility so we can use it to download WAS source files to create a local file repository. We will use an existing IBM Installation Manager in this example.

Launch the IIM (IBM Installation Manager)

File-Preferences, then click Repositories

Click Add Repository and entre the following URL

Enter you IBM username/password. If you do not have one, you can register for one.

Now click OK and then once back to the workbench click Install

Select the IBM Packaging Utility

Click Next until the installation begins. Be sure to choose a sensible location got the packaging utility

For example: /opt/IBM/PackagingUtility

Once installed we can navigate to /opt/IBM/PackagingUtility and type




Click Copy Packages on the work bench, then you will be prompted to open a repository

For example:

To get a list of more repositories consult:


Select the appropriate source packages


In my case all I want is the WAS 8 ND Trial

Click Next

Read and Accept License, fill out the survey form. Click Next

Select a location where you would like the repository to be created



Click Next and confirm then click Copy. The IBM PU will then download the source files.


For WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment you are normally looking to download about 2.8 Gig of source files into your repository

Once downloaded you can use the IBM Installation Manager to install WebSphere ND trial using your local repository.



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