When setting an LDAP repository in WebSphere Application WE get the following error:

Validation failed: SECJ7716E: Primary administrative user Id does not exist in the registry.


When I click Set as current, I get the following error as seen in SystemError.log




[14/04/15 21:07:17:768 BST] 00000066 SystemErr R com.ibm.websphere.wim.exception.WIMConfigurationException: CWWIM5020E Could not connect to the ldap://localhostcell01:10389 repository using properties: [port=10389],[bindDN=cn=WebSphere+sn=LDAP Bind+uid=wasladapbind,ou=users,ou=system],[certificateMapMode=exactdn],[sslConfiguration=],[securityDomainName=admin],[sslEnabled=false],[connectTimeout=20],[connectionPool=false],[id=LDAP1],[ldapServerType=CUSTOM],[host=localhostcell01],[referal=ignore],[derefAliases=always],[certificateFilter=],[authentication=simple],[bindPassword=****]. Exception occurred: javax.naming.AuthenticationException.
<Content Removed For Brevity>

[14/04/15 21:07:17:793 BST] 00000066 SystemErr R Caused by: javax.naming.AuthenticationException: [LDAP: error code 49 – INVALID_CREDENTIALS: Bind failed: Attempt to lookup non-existant entry: cn=WebSphere+sn=LDAP Bind+uid=wasladapbind,ou=users,ou=system]

These are the setting used



AS we can see above Bind distrinquished name (DN) field contains

bindDN=cn=WebSphere+sn=LDAP Bind+uid=wasladapbind,ou=users,ou=system

Note the spelling error, there is an extra ‘a’ in the word ldap!

It should contain

bindDN=cn=WebSphere+sn=LDAP Bind+uid=wasldapbind,ou=users,ou=system


Note: This error can also happen when you are using an invalid password, best to log into LDAP Administration console of your LDAP server and re-validate the password. Most LDAP Servers have some sort of Administrative GUI that often provides a validate existing password function. Alternatively, just change the password.


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