You have tried to connect to the Administrative Console for a new WebSphere Application Server profile. You get the following error

The most common reason, is that the console will want to redirect to the secure HTTP/s port and that port is not open on the firewall for example

Let’s say you have the following portsFile :

and you have created a WAS  profile using the following command:

We need to look at the portsFile

We can see that the WC_adminhost_secure port is 10023, you were most likely connecting to the web container’s default port of 10020 to get this specific error. But you may have also not have secured the console, and so HTTP will be the required protocol, not HTTP/s so in this case the URL required  may have been required not the secure port

When a console is secured i.e Global Security is turned on then the HTTP will direct to HTTP/s. But if Global security is off, then only the HTTP port will be available for example 10021 in my example which = WC_adminhost., which was the case because Global Security was disabled for this profile.


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