Error when adding an LDAP Repository to Federated Repositories using Jython

Check these things.

1. Firewall
2. Port (in my case above port looks right, but it was supposed to be 10389, not 10398
3. Use netstat -an command with a grep to check the port for example netstat -an | grep 10398, if nothing is reported, then you may have the wrong port?
4. Check your host file, and or DNS
5.Check your LDAP Bind DN user account, that the name, DN (not RDN) and password are correct
6. Check your BaseDN
7.Check your LDAP entries

These all can cause a Java Exception ie

Tip: I often use an ldapseach locally if this works then it must be my Jython code.

Example of a local ldapsearch (install OpenSSL Clients using yum)



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