When using IBM Installation Manager to install the WAS Plugin Package, we cannot install the Plugin as a subdirectory within the HIS installation. In previous versions for example, IHS 7.0 and below, many organisations installed the WAS Plugin into a folder called <ihs_root>/Plugins, however we no longer can do this.

For example: We have IBM HTTP Server installed in the default location /opt/IBM/HTTPServer. It was installed using IBM Installation Manager. When we try to install the WAS Plugin using IM into the location /opt/IBM/HTTPServer/Plugins we get the following error.

CRIMA1170E ERROR: There is already a package installed at ” /opt/IBM/HTTPServer/Plugins” in the “IBM HTTP Server V8.5” package group. The installation directory for the new “Web Server Plug-ins for IBM WebSphere Application Server V8.5” package group must not be a parent or sub-directory of a previously used installation directory.

The solution is to install the WAS Plugin in /opt/IBM/WebSphere/Plugins (Default) or another folder, as long as it is not within <ihs_root>


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