When you start IBM HTTP Server – Administration Server, you get the following error

If you do not set this port you will get this error

Syntax error on line 7 of /opt/IBM/HTTPServer/conf/admin.conf: Port must be specified /opt/IBM/HTTPServer/bin/adminctl start: admin http could not be started

If IHS is installed on a separate server other than the WAS server, then WAS uses the IBM HTTP Administration Server to administrate IHS. Before we can start the admin server, we need to configure the server by editing admin.conf. It seems a bit confusing, but the admin.conf is usually configured as a result of the PCT (Plugin Configuration Tool) which is part of WAS and presumes that WAS is also installed locally. If IBM HTTP Server is installed on a machine where there is no WAS i.e. remote to WAS then we must manually configure the IBM Admin server. Note: That once started, you still need to use a WAS admin console (remote or local) to administer IHS. There is no web-interface presented by the IBM Admin Server.

We can find admin.conf in <ihs_root>/conf/ editing this file, replace information as per this table

Search Text Replace Text
@@AdminPort@@ 8008
As per our setup script we ran earlier.
@@SetupadmGroup@@ Ihsgrp
As per our setup script which we ran earlier

Note: In a new 8.5.5.x installation you may only find that you need to replace @@AdminPort@@ . Because that will be the only property not set.



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