You are trying to run the script and you get the following error:

The command which was run from A WAS 7 install <was_root>/bin


The solution is to install a WAS 8.5.5.x instance i.e. binaries, then use the ./ script from the new WAS instance and set the path to be that of the WAS 7 profile i.e. prepare to migrate the WAS 7 profile by running the WAS 8.5.5.x version of the script. You cannot use WAS 7 to pre upgrade for WAS 8.5.5.x as it does not know about the later version of WAS.

Note: This error can also happend when using and the destination profile ie the WAS 8.5.5.x profile that will be migrated into. What I mean is here is that when you are migrating an existing WAS 7 profile to WAS 8.x, you first must create a destination profile with the same name that exists within the new WAS 8.x installation. So, when you run the script, you are essentially overlaying the old profiles data into the new WAS 8.5.5.x profile. If you use a similar syntax to below

And you get the following error:

The cause can be as simple as the fact thaut there is not destination profile. Create a profile in the new WAS 8.x environment and try again.


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