Note:This is not part of the $199 deal as this course was released September 2015.

  • Have you ever wondered how to automate the migration from WAS 7 to WAS 8.x or WAS 8.5.x or WAS 8.5.5.x?
  • Do you need to Migrate a WebSphere Application Server?
  • Do you need to save time automating migration tasks?

The WebSphere Application Server Migration – Automation Course provides the student with a full set of guides and a set of commercial-grade automation scripts with detailed worked-examples.

The course provides scripts to automate the following:

  • Migrate from WAS 7 to WAS 8.x.x.x
  • Install/Upgrade/Remove Update Installer
  • Install/Upgrade WebSphere Application Server 7.x
  • Install/Upgrade IBM HTTP Server (IHS)
  • Understand IHS Administration
  • Install/Upgrade the WebSphere Plugin
  • Report on IBM Installation managed installs

Also contained within the course are the following topics:

  • A Complete Jython-based automation library for application deployments
  • A Complete Jython-based automation library for JDBC Provider/Datasource management
  • A complete guide on how to install and configure MySQL as a database server

This course was produced over 2 months with full-time effort towards design, testing and verification of advanced automation scripts which can be used independently or plugged into any enterprise orchestration management software. To engage a leading IBM WAS consultant to build these scripts, would cost over £100,000 pounds and likely to take several months to write, and test. I have leveraged my vast industry experience to give you another valuable course. Once purchased, you can augment these scripts as you please into your enterprise management processes, saving you time and money. I would recommend that you consider the cost it would take you to produce a similar set of scripts, and you will see that the price of the course (essentially the scripts with examples) is well worth it, even if it is just to get hold of these scripts and include them in your administration-tools arsenal.

Imagine being able to install and upgrade WAS 7.x products in minutes, with self auditing configurations and detailed logging, and also being able to Migrate from WAS 7 to WAS 8.x.x.x

The course has been written by Steve Robinson who is a well known WebSphere product specialist and the author of several published WebSphere related books.

Duration: 3-5 Days Self Study

  • Experienced JEE Developers and Administrators having good experience with WebSphere Application Servers.
  • People looking to upgrade their skills to the Latest version of WebSphere Application Server.
  • Advanced professionals looking to automate installing and upgrading WAS 7 or to Migrate from WAS 7 to WAS 8.x, 8.5.x, 8.5.5.x in the enterprise.

Basic knowledge of Linux commands is expected. Prior experience in administering WebSphere Application Server version 7.x servers is expected.

WebSphere Application Server Migration Course
WebSphere Application Server Migration Course
Price: $129.95
Price: $99.95

Note: Once you have paid and registered, you will gain instant access to download your course materials.


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