When testing a MySQL datasource configured at Cell scope for WAS ND 8.5.5.x, I get the following error:

The Cell is called HA01Cell, and the Deployment Manager profile  is called HA01_dmgrNode, the datasource in question is EStore_datasource.

The scenario is that I am writing another module for my latest course October 2015 called WAS ND High Availability course, and as part of the course, I demonstrate deploying an application using Jython. As part of this configuration, we need a JDBC Provider, Datasource and JAAS. Because we are using a provider which is unknown to WAS ie USer-defined (MySQL), it requires some properties. The WAS wizards ie that the console presents when configuring Providers/Datasources uses templates. The MySQL template does not exist, so we need to add these custom properties ourselves. Also, when we use Cell Scope, we will need to bounce the Deployment Manager for this to take effect.

In the course we discuss Scope ie Cell, Node, Cluster and Server, and this example above, is one of may as we build our highly available WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment reference environment.


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