02 Nov 2015
November 2, 2015


November 2, 2015 Encouragement 0 Comment

All we have is moments. Everything we do is just moments of now.,these are our every day experiences. We add them up, and then the penny drops. We then see that we have created moments and that these moments are what we have created.

Our loved ones and especially our spouses are a collection of moments. That is all we have; our moments cumulating over time. Our relationships with all people who cross our path are based on communicative/cumulative moments. This is our communication and this is our human experience. This is what our life is made up of, our total culmination.. Lets live moment to moment, hopping , jumping skipping from moment to moment. This is what it is to love life. Love the moment for what it is and squeeze the juice out of it.

….Some thought based on what Jaime Robinson and I talked about 15th March 2014 i.e. the first two sentenced are essentially what Jaime gave to me in words what I had been partially contemplating that night.


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