When launching Apache Directory Studio IDE as downloaded and expanded using the latest build, as seen below, we get the following Eclipse Error:



Java was started but returned exit code=13


The reason for this error is that Apache Directory Studio is based on Eclipse, and Eclipse requires a valid JRE. However, Apache Directory Studio requires a JDK installed, not just a JRE.

Install a JDK for example: JDK 1.8, build 92 which was available at the time of writing this article.




Once you have installed the JDK, you must edit the ApacheDirectoryStudio.ini file located in: ApacheDirectoryStudio_root>. In my example the product is installed in C:\ApacheDirectoryStudio

Add the following (notice the Java Linux type path)

-vm C:/Java/jdk1.8.0_92/bin


For example:


Now next time we try to run we get the following, so all is now good.


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