All Blacks: Just because you have found success there is no reason to slow down or stop

Just because you have found success there is no reason to slow down or stop.

After, the All blacks won the World cup I was left thinking…


Look at Dan Carter after all he has achieved in his rugby life. He won 99 games out of the 112 he played as an ALL BLACK and amassed nearly 1600 points in his career (the most by anyone).

He had also just won the world cup, and received player of the day as well… then later that night he rings his ghost writer to tell him the next chapter in his rugby career and the final chapter of his autobiography so it can go to print.


The next day he went to the World Rugby Awards where won IRB rugby player of the year for the 3rd time. People are calling him the greatest player to play number 10 that we have ever seen.
Having just retired from the ALL BLACKS most people would drop their shoulders and relish in the success, but not Dan.


The next day he flies back to New Zealand for 3 days of parades in Auckland Wellington and then Christchurch.


Once back at his home-town he will have 3 days of book signings before he has 1 day to pack up his life and move to France to play for (Paris Metro), where he will begin his next chapter of rugby career. where he is making a record breaking 2 million dollars a season, the most for any player to date.


So my point is that if you want something done, ask someone who is busy, because they are the ones who always get results.


Jaime Robinson – 02 November 2015