The following error occurs when you try to start the IBM HTTP Administration Server. Syntax error on line 153 of /var/apps/ihs8/conf/admin.conf: The port number "" is outside the appropriate range (i.e., 1..65535). /var/apps/ihs8/bin/adminctl start: admin http could not be started The reson is that you have run the following command: ./setupadm -create -usr ihsadmin -grp ihsgrp -cfg /var/apps/ihs8/conf/httpd.conf -adm /var/apps/ihs8/conf/admin.conf However you have not edfited the   @@AdminPort@@  variable for example: # Directory where the Administration Server binaries are installed ServerRoot "/var/apps/ihs8" I cover all the ins and outs of managin IBM HTTP Server in my WebSphere Security Course. read more →