This category is for posts that contain informtion about WebSphere Application Server Single Sign-On techniques and automation scripting. It also covers Kerberos and SPNEGO configurations as required for WAS to enable SSO. This category will also possibly contain SSO knowledge for other IBM products.

After running a Jython script that updates SSO and Kerberos settings in Global secueity, I get the following error:

The reson for this message is that my Linux Server and my Active Directory date/times are out of time synchronisation. I often find that with CentOS 7 on Oracle Virtual Box, even with ntpd enabled.. read more →


I was running a snippet of Jython to modify a Standalone LDAP Registry along with utlising Micosoft Active Directory with Kerberos, and I got the following error:

My WebSphere Application Server Jython-Code, where I was querying the existing registry type failed.

The reason, I was using an LDAPServerType, which is not a valid.. read more →


Messages Errororg.ietf.jgss.GSSException, major code: 13, minor code: 0 major string: Invalid credentials minor string: Cannot get credential from JAAS Subject for principal: HTTP/   I then decided to enable Tracing, I only had my DMGR running at this stage, but this only revealed the same error. So I resorted to adding the host-name to the.. read more →