Oracle Coherence 3.7 Admin Essentials

This course outlines how to install and setup Oracle Coherence. The course material follows a “Do-it-yourself” approach and provides all the necessary instructions and sample code to setup your lab, try out tasks and learn from template configurations.

By completing this course, the student will be able to install and setup Oracle Coherence and understand how the various concepts of Coherence work such as configuring logs and various different types of cache.

Topics covered:

  • Coherence Overview
  • Coherence Concepts & principles
  • Installing and configuring Coherence
  • Configuring a local cache
  • Configuring a partitioned cache
  • Configuring a replicated cache
  • Configure Logs
  • Demo Configurations

Duration: 2-3 days (Self study)

  • JEE Developers and Administrators having little or some experience with using Object Data Grids such as Oracle Coherence.
  • People looking to upgrade their skills to using Coherence.

Basic knowledge of JEE concepts & Unix commands is expected. Prior experience in administering any JEE application servers will speed up the learning process and allow you to enjoy the course more, but is not mandatory.

(1) Coherence concepts & principles
(2) Installing and configuring coherence
(3) Configuring a local cache
(4) Configuring a partitioned cache
(5) configuring a replicated cache
(6) configuring coherence *extend proxy
(7) Troubleshooting tips

Vishy Kasinadhuni is a Senior Technology Engineer for Travelers Insurance specializing in Coherence and middleware Java.

vishyVishy wears many hats in Travelers – JEE engineering, including Lead for implementing JBOSS, WebSphere, WebSphere Portal, Coherence and Level 3 support. He has over 12+ year of extensive experience in supporting and consulting customers in fields such as insurance and retail.

Prior to joining Travelers, Vishy was a Sr. Technology Consultant at Labatt USA, working on Java/J2EE based services, web applications and system integrations.
Vishy has a M.S. in Telecommunication Networks from Polytechnic Institute of NewYork University, NY and B.S. in Maths from Nagarjuna University, India.

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