What are my customers are saying

Ben Higginbottom, Manchester, England (April 2012)

“Steve Robinson’s books are the best ‘quick start’ guides to WAS I’ve come across useful for people coming over from other application servers or for the seasoned professional to quickly flick through in order to remind themselves of ‘that awkward command that’s on the tip of my tongue’. With this course Steve is covering a far broader array of subjects and in more depth that is ideal for people of all skill levels”

Ian Entwistle, Lancashire, England (April 2012)

“Having used Steve Robinson’s books for a few years as invaluable reference they were always of a very high standard. This course has the same level of quality and content applied and is perfect for both new to WebSphere and seasoned professionals looking to brush up those small areas of knowledge that seem to escape them. Highly Recommended!”

Anil K Patel (April 2012)

“The WebSphere 8 essentials course presented by Steve are a life saver, especially for what you get for the price.”
“The course notes cover a lot of broad topics which are easy to follow along with sample code for testing.
Steve’s has used his vast experience to share useful tips and guidelines.

These course notes are excellent for someone looking to refresh or broaden their knowledge with WebSphere 8 application server.”
Highly recommended.”

Keith Barnes, Texas USA (May 2012)

“By far this is the best class offered. Not only do I understand now what I am seeing, I understand my work by the concepts and theory’s that I have obtained through Steve’s training.
For those that are looking for a better understanding of WebSphere 8, look no further. The course is well put together, easy to understand, and compares easily to the Higher cost class offered on the Internet today. I am truly enjoying this!!!!……Thanks Steve”

Phil Bailey, Stockport England (July 2012)

“As I originally found WebSphere Application Server to be mind boggling and extremely complex.
I acquired Steve Robinson’s WebSphere Training course’s which is making me clearly understand WAS with very detailed explanation of the different components within.
I recommend anyone who is an early stage or want to understand the more complex parts of WAS to get this documentation you won’t be disappointed”

King Koduru, GA USA (August 2012)

“I am enjoying your course. I read 3 chapters yesterday. Very very good. I bought “Other Cerified” notes and read few chapters, but the way you explained is VERY VERY GOOD, Steve, I am your new fan.”

Michael D. Sim | Founder & Chief Technology Officer (October2015)

“I have been using the training courses and materials authored by Steve Robinson from The Middleware Shop for a number of years. I have found them to be comprehensive and my general ‘go to’ when I am looking for specific information or troubleshooting issues.”

The additional resources (WAR and scripts) are invaluable addition to any WebSphere admin or architects toolbox. Without doubt, it go to site for the best WebSphere resources!

Thanks, with kind regards, Michael

Name: Tanveer Shah (September 2015)
Country: UAE (United Arab Emirate)
Profession: Software Engineer
Course: WebSphere Message Broker 8 Development

“Having 8 years’ experience of .Net platform then switched to IBM websphere message broker, at the beginning I was very disturbing to understand the architecture and core knowledge of this product, but it becomes very easy when I started to read this course.

I appreciated the way you designed this course, composed by conceptual, practical and best thing your real experience knowledge which is remarkable.

I really enjoying every bit of it and I too sure that at the end of this course my perception towards IBM Message Broker will take a new look. Thank you Steve for this great privilege.