WebSphere 7 Network Deployment Performance Tuning Course

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WebSphere 7 Network Deployment Performance Tuning course

There are 4 detailed hands-on practical modules in the “WebSphere Performance Tuning” course which can be purchased for $99.95 (normally $249).

  • Includes All 4 modules.
  • Includes exercise labs, code and samples.
  • Includes a 145 page Power Point pack covering important concepts.
  • Perpetual access to course updates.

Material is worth over $1,500

The Gold package download includes the following modules.

  • Performance Tuning Process and Tools
    • Performance Tuning process
    • Model for performance tuning
    • PMI, TPV and the Advisor
    • WAS Threads, the work horses
    • Identifying bottleneck
  • JVM Tuning
    • Server Hang & Thread dumps
    • Memory Leak & Heap dumps
    • Dump Agents
    • JVM Memory architecture and flags
  • Tuning Thread pools
    • Application Execution Model
    • Tuning thread pool
    • Tuning transport channels
  • Tuning Connection pools
    • Connection pool settings
    • Statement caching and its impact on performance
  • Session Tuning
    • Calculating optimal session time-out duration
    • Session Replication tuning
    • Session Persistence tuning
    • Session replication Vs persistence
  • Performance Tuning Checklist
  • Summary
WebSphere Application Server 7 Performance Tuning Course
WebSphere Application Server 7 Performance Tuning Essentials Course
Price: $129.95
Price: $99.95

What are my customers are saying…

Steve Robinson’s books are the best ‘quick start’ guides to WAS I’ve come across useful for people coming over from other application servers or for the seasoned professional to quickly flick through in order to remind themselves of ‘that awkward command that’s on the tip of my tongue’. With this course Steve is covering a far broader array of subjects and in more depth that is ideal for people of all skill levels”

Ben Higginbottom, Manchester, England (April 2012)

“Having used Steve Robinson’s books for a few years as invaluable reference they were always of a very high standard. This course has the same level of quality and content applied and is perfect for both new to WebSphere and seasoned professionals looking to brush up those small areas of knowledge that seem to escape them. Highly Recommended!”

Ian Entwistle, Lancashire, England (April 2012)

“The WebSphere 8 essentials course presented by Steve are a life saver, especially for what you get for the price.

The course notes cover a lot of broad topics which are easy to follow along with sample code for testing.
Steve’s has used his vast experience to share useful tips and guidelines.

These course notes are excellent for someone looking to refresh or broaden their knowledge with WebSphere 8 application server.

Highly recommended.”

Anil K Patel (April 2012)

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