What I Do

I provide not only Middleware training and mentoring. I also provide the technical know-how on how to up-skill your career to be an excellent JEE Application Paltform specialist and become fully conversant with Java and Enterprise Java concepts and techniques.

I have been working in Java related technologies for over 15 years and specialize in Java EE, particularly application server problem solving and middleware integrations.

I offer the following services…

  • Software integration using both open source and proprietary solutions
    • I provide affordable and ingenious solutions to seemingly complex issues. I am well known for providing quick wins and always achieve delivery on-time and within budget.
  • Migrating Java applications between platforms
    • I have been involved in many enterprise level integrations where problem solving and ability to challenge existing approaches has lead to solutions.
  • Application infrastructure planning and design
    • Due to my extensive cross technology experience as developer, administrator, trainer and consultant I am able to provide the technical deep-dive required and applied business communication.
  • Java application debugging
    • I specialise in finding the reason behind production issues and recommending solutions.
  • Java EE application server training
    • I have provided many training courses for Oracle WebLogic, teaching both developers and administrators the correct JEE approach to Java application development destined for today‚Äôs Java EE containers.
  • Continuous integration strategy and implementations
    • I have many years experience as being part of many large enterprise projects where the automation of CI and devops are critical for success.
  • Evaluation of JEE application, packaging & compliancy
    • Many of my clients engage my services to ensure their products are easy to install, comply with standards and are ready for multi-platform application server’s including JEE cluster design and management.
  • Java based mobile application design and integration engines
    • I am personally very experienced in designing full bidirectional data exchange mobile solutions for both device and server back-end technologies at an enterprise level.